Arlette Bomahou
Dun Loaghaire, Ireland

Bio: I am 42 years old French lady living and working in Ireland for 12 years. I was competing in powerlifting for 3 years for Ireland nationally and internationally until I decided to change path. My main focus has been to become healthier by losing 110 lbs in 3 years. I finally competed in my first bodybuilding competition on Sunday 8th of October in Dublin with NIFMA, Northern Ireland Fitness Model Association, after 11 months of hard work. I won 1st place in Body Transformation category over 40, 2nd place in overall Body Transformation and 2nd place in Figure Toned over 40. It was a great learning experience and planning to compete again end of November this year. My goals are to keep improving, learning about the sport and take part in more events nationally and internationally. I am competing on Sunday 26th November and it will eb my last competition for 2017. My long term goal is to receive a pro card with NIFMA by November 2018 and by December 2019 with WBFF (World Beauty Fitness Federation) I started running since 2015 which has allowed me to complete the Dublin Marathon, two half marathons, including the Dingle half-marathon, two Hell & Back and the women's mini marathon in 2016. On Sunday 30th October, I ran my very first marathon in 6h15 mins. Happy days:) the atmosphere was incredible and this is one of the biggest achievement in my life to date. more to come 🙂 that's in my bucket list. It has always been one of my dream to complete a full marathon. I have also been doing weight training for 12 years and love it. It's empowering and make me feel good about myself. Powerlifting was a big part of my life, I would train 4 to 5 times a week to prepare for competitions. On my spare time, I am involved in charities, love going to the movies.I want to encourage every women of all shape and sizes to participate in sports. Anyone can do it at any age. Currently teaming up with sportsowmen.ie to empower female athletes of all level to follow their passion.

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